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With its rolling hills and hearty weather, Nashua, Montana is the center of Big Sky wheat country. It is also home to Nielsen Farms, where we�ve been growing the highest quality spring wheat since 1965.

Only McNeal Spring wheat is grown on our 15,000-acre farm, and it�s produced using a crop rotation system. Alternating our fields between wheat and legumes replaces the nitrogen in the soil in a natural and environmentally friendly way. We take pride in our farming practices and how safe our wheat is as a food source. In fact, it�s so safe that during harvest time, our children eat its golden goodness right out of the hopper.

It was our desire to bring this same farm-fresh goodness to folks no matter where they lived. That�s why we created Grains of Montana, restaurants that offer the best that Big Sky Country has to offer.

From the time that the doors open, people are stopping in for a steaming cup of rich coffee and one of Grains� signature breakfasts and surfing on our free Wi-Fi network. At lunch, people pack in to our deep booths to on thick soups and hearty sandwiches. At night, friends and families stop in to enjoy a thick-crusted pizza, loaded with Grains� homemade sauce, our special combination of cheeses and a variety of delicious toppings. And on their way out, customers make sure to grab a loaf or two of our amazing artisan bread to enjoy at home.

Owners - The Nielsen Family

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